24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (800) 334-2094

Staff Directory

Please call (618) 549-4807 Monday - Friday, 8am to 4pm


Executive Director:
Stephenie Teague,

Assistant Director:
Susan Hicks,

email: assistantdirector@empoweringsurvivors.org
Development Specialist:
Meghan Cole,

email: development@empoweringsurvivors.org
Executive Assistant 
(Outreach and Vol. Manager):
Laura Van Abbema,

email: execassistant@empoweringsurvivors.org
Human Resources Specialist:
Donna Eckerty,

email: humanresources@empoweringsurvivors.org
Fiscal Manager:
Sha Luo,

email: fiscal@empoweringsurvivors.org
Debbie Roberts,

email: maintenance@empoweringsurvivors.org

Domestic Violence Program

Domestic Violence Program Coordinator: Anna Margrum, email: dv@empoweringsurvivors.org
Domestic Violence Follow Up Advocate: VACANT
Transitional Housing Case Manager:  VACANT
Domestic Violence Residential Service Manager: Sarah Settles, email: residentialmanager@empoweringsurvivors.org
Domestic Violence Case Manager: Abby Cullum, email: dvcasemanager1@empoweringsurvivors.org
Domestic Violence Assistant Case Manager: VACANT
Child Counselor/Advocate: Julian Wells, email: dvchildcounselorcdale@empoweringsurvivors.org
Child Counselor/Advocate: Wendy McDaniel, email: dvchildcounselor@empoweringsurvivors.org
Child Advocate: Maria Herrera, email: dvchildadvocate@empoweringsurvivors.org
Adult Counselor: Abby Odior, email: dvcounselorcdale@empoweringsurvivors.org
Residential Aide: VACANT
Domestic Violence Overnight Worker: Alaina LaFuria, email: crisis@empoweringsurvivors.org
Domestic Violence Overnight Worker: April Robinson, email: crisis@empoweringsurvivors.org
Crisis Workers:  Atlantis King-Green, Jasmine Berry, Cody Roberts, Annie Ramirez, Alexis Murray, Jeramesha Nelson, Mikayla Walker, email: crisis@empoweringsurvivors.org
Data Administrator: VACANT
Shelter Attendant: Obsitu Keno, email: food@empoweringsurvivors.org

Medical/Legal Advocate: Mercedes Rutledge, email: dvadvocatecdale@empoweringsurvivors.org
Legal Advocate Marion Office: VACANT
Franklin County Legal Advocate: VACANT
Legal Advocate Harrisburg Office: Diane Taborn, (618) 294-8641, email: advadvocatehburg@empoweringsurvivors.org
Adult Counselor Harrisburg Office: April Scales, (618) 294-8641, email: dvcounselorhburg@empoweringsurvivors.org
Children's Advocate/Counselor Harrisburg Office: VACANT

Rape Crisis Services

Program Coordinator:  Jennifer Short, email: rcs@empoweringsurvivors.org
Adolescent Counselor: Shania Williams, email: rcsadolescentcounselor@empoweringsurvivors.org
Adult Counselor (Jackson, Union & Perry counties): Jelisa Gaston, email: rcscounselorcdale@empoweringsurvivors.org
Adult Counselor (Williamson, Franklin, Johnson & Saline counties): Jennifer Rapacz (618) 993-0803, email: rcscounselormarion@empoweringsurvivors.org
Prevention Educator: Lakota Myers, email: preventioneducator@empoweringsurvivors.org
Child & Adolescent Counselor: Oyin Sowunmi, email: rcschildcounselor@empoweringsurvivors.org
Legal & Medical Advocate (Jackson, Union & Perry counties): VACANT

RCS Advocate Marion Office: Amanda Stahlhut, (618) 993-0803, email: rcsadvocatemarion@empoweringsurvivors.org
RCS Advocate Harrisburg Office: Alyssa Chruszyck, (618) 294-8641, email: rcsadvocatehburg@empoweringsurvivors.org
RCS Lead Advocate: Heather Odum, email: rcsadvocatecdale@empoweringsurvivors.org
RCS Clinical Supervisor: Jo Kirch Benz, email: rcssupervision@empoweringsurvivors.org

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