Counseling services are available to individuals of all ages who have experienced sexual violence, as well as their families, friends, and allies. Counseling is available immediately after an assault or at any later date. 

4 Types of Abuse

No, abuse can take several forms, often in the same relationship. It can be sexual, emotional, and/or financial, in addition to physically violent.

Children's Services

We are here for you and your children.

Every hour nationwide an estimated 115 children are abused

More than three million children witness domestic violence in their homes each year. 

Warning Signs

Domestic violence can be explained as negative behavior such as violence or threatening violence, causing fear, and intimidation used to gain power and control over a person with whom someone is on intimate terms. In other words, if someone you are living with threatens you, intimidates you, hurts you, or makes you feel afraid that he/she will, then you are experiencing domestic violence. 

Do You Have a Safe Place to Go?

Are you unsafe in your own home?

Do you need a safe place for you and your children? You don't have to stay with your abuser. We can provide safe, secure shelter for adults and children.